Why And How To Measure The Paint Coating Thickness Using Gauges

Thickness measuring instruments are used to determine the thickness of the dry paint coating before and after the curing process. This helps to reveal the spots to be repainted as well as to measure the thickness of the first coating for further processing. Available in the range of destructive and non destructive instruments which determines the reliable results to predict the cured film thickness. The hand-held tool is portable and can be magnetic, eddy current or ultrasonic in the nature. All these techniques are non destructive and predict the results without harming the surface so you don’t need to repaint those surfaces.

Why You Need To Measure The Thickness Of Paint Coating Using The Device Coating Thickness Gauge

The coating thickness gauge is common, affordable, non-destructive, and easy to operate. The non destructive technique of measuring the thickness on the metal substrates reaches every small area. Buyers and inspectors are relied on the visual inspections to reveal the dents hidden under the painted surface, checking body panel alignment, and looking for any gaps that need bodywork or panel replacement. The device provides quantifiable and reliable measuring results for the pain inspection methods.

Traditionally only steel was tested through the device exclusively used in the manufacturing, exteriors, and automobiles as it balances the strength and machinability. However, we use the device for testing almost every material as to test its mechanical abrasion and to determine if it is perfect for all the types of applications. The poorly damaged bodies shorten the life of the vehicle but the device determines such spots and reduces all the future concerns effectively.

How To Measure The Paint Coating Thickness Using The Device

It is based majorly on three principles – Magnetic, Eddy Current or Ultrasonic. All of these methods are non destructive in nature and provides excellent results throughout the applications while providing accurate results every time. Under all the methods, the results are shown on the big bright LCD for providing the results. Whether you need to measure the thickness of paint over metal products or non-metal products the ultrasonic technique is the best of all. It releases ultrasonic waves to test the strength of the material through sending the waves in the depth of the material. The waves get reflect back from the substrate and converts into the high frequency electrical signals that are displayed through the LCD screen. The displaying results make it easy for the operator to collect the data and to review a statistical analysis.